About Us

Animals have always been a massive part of my life, there's always been a connection there you can't really explain, but they've never just been pets to me, they've always been a member of the family and treated as such, the amount of dinners my family and me have had with our dogs sat with us at the table is too many to count. I also love buying my dogs things, some could say I'm a bit of an addict, but there's nothing quite like the look on your pets face when you surprise them with a brand new toy or a packet of delicious treats that they end up loving.


Another big love of mine is pop culture. It's no secret that I'm a massive geek, there's a reason my dogs are called Stark and Parker :), and one of the biggest things I love to geek out about is film (especially Marvel ones), which has also been a huge part of my life, just like my animals. Which is why with The Pawfection Pack I wanted to do something that's a little more than just your average subscription box, I wanted to give each one a theme based on what those animals might need at certain times of the year, but also fun things the humans can enjoy too. I would love it if even one of my boxes brought a smile to someones face when they opened it, as well as truly pleasing the pet in the household.


These reasons and more are why I decided to start The Pawfection Pack, although this is a small business we still try to deliver the best service and the most affordable pricing we can.


We at The Pawfection Pack also believe in supporting as many small independent businesses as we can, just like us, I always think it's great when you find fun, quirky items that aren't readily available on the high street, there's something very speical about them, as well as supporting the people who make them. That's something I've felt very privileged to be a part of when setting this up, along with meeting all the lovely people who make all the wonderful things we pack into our boxes.


Every box we send out is hand stamped and personally packaged with love and care, as well as all the effort gone into finding the best products to place in them, that link to fun themes as well as giving your pet the best items they could need.


I really hope you love your Pawfection Packs as much as I do making them. Thank you for supporting me on this journey.